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Spoiler Warning!  This episode is more momentous than most!



In the aftermath of the Battle at Amlitzer, Reinhard receives some very unsettling news.  

Plot Points

The Free Planets lost 20 million soldiers in the recent invasion.

Yang's fleet is now assigned to the Iserlohn Garrison.

Job Truniht has been appointed as a temporary political leader.

The Galactic Emperor has died from a heart failure. 5 year old Erwin Josef has been appointed as a new emperor.[Spoiler!]
Reinhard is now a Marquis.

The Free Planets Alliance lost 20 million soldiers in the recent conflict.

Unanswered Questions

What will Annerose's fate now be?

What is the Earth Cult and what is Rubinsky's involvement?

What did Archbishop mean when he said "by punishing those who left the Earth behind?"




Yang is now the commander of Iserlohn.

Sitolet has resigned and Caselnes has been transferred. Yang intends to get Caselnes to Iserlohn as soon as possible.


Author: Sampo Haarlaa
Editor: Lee Thompson