Who's Who in Legend of the Galactic Heroes
Season 1


Rudolf von Goldenbaum

Rank: Navy Captain, later Senator, later Emperor
Occupation: Soldier, later politican, later 1st Kaiser and Founder of the Galactic Empire
Group Affiliation: United Space Government Navy, later The Galactic Empire
First Appearance: Episode #8: "Cold, Clear Cybernetic Eyes" (Historical Record)
Hair: Brown
History: Rudolf was originally a Captain in the United Space Government's space fleet. He quickly rose through the ranks and became a hero by destroying the pirates that constantly threatened the United Space Government. After retiring as a soldier, he became a politician, quickly gaining power and popularity for his reformist policies. But before anyone realized what was happening,  he took control of the government and formed the Galactic Empire. It would be an Empire of aristocracy and incredible brutality. See General Information for more details.
Notes: DECEASED (lived about 500 years before Season 1)

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Who's Who in Legend of the Galactic Heroes Season 1 / Rudolf von Goldenbaum