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Free Planets Alliance officers in Legend of the Galactic Heroes can be distinguished primarily by the rank insignia on the collars of their uniforms.  There are three major branches of the Alliance Armed forces: The Navy (Free Planets Space Fleet), the Marines (for example, the Rosen Ritter), and the Alliance Air Corps. Conjecture also suggests there is a Free Planets Alliance land Army.

Ranks Table





Alliance Marines

Air Corps
Rank Insignia Japanese Kanji
Private Private Private Spaceman Private Airman fpapvt.jpg (560 bytes)  
Private First Class Private First Class Private First Class Able Spaceman Corporal Lead Airman fpapfc.jpg (813 bytes)  
Corporal Corporal Corporal Lead Spaceman Lance Corporal Corporal fpacpl.jpg (987 bytes)  
Petty Officer Sergeant Sergeant Petty Officer Sergeant Sergeant fpasgt.jpg (1052 bytes)  
Chief Petty Officer Staff Sergeant Staff Sergeant Chief Petty Officer Staff Sergeant Flight Sergeant fpassgt.jpg (779 bytes)  
Master Petty Officer Master Sergeant Master Sergeant Master Petty Officer Master Sergeant Senior Flight Sergeant fpamsgt.jpg (914 bytes)  

Cadet Lieutanent
Sub-Lieutenant Ensign Officer Candidate Warrant Officer  fpaensg.jpg (939 bytes) juni
(Sub-Lieutenant) Sub Lieutanent 2nd Lieutenant Sub-Lieutenant 2nd Lieutenant 2nd Lieutenant  fpasublt.jpg (995 bytes) shoui
(Lieutenant Junior Grade)
(2nd Lieutenant)
1st Lieutenant Lieutenant, Junior Grade 1st Lieutenant 1st Lieutenant  fpaltjg.jpg (1059 bytes) chuui


Captain Lieutenant Captain Captain  fpalt.jpg (1143 bytes) taii

(Lieutenant Commander)
Major Major Lieutenant Commander Major Major  fpaltcmd.jpg (939 bytes) shousa


(Lieutenant Colonel)
Lieutenant Colonel Commander Lieutenant Colonel Lieutenant Colonel  fpacmdr.jpg (998 bytes) chuusa


Colonel Captain Colonel Colonel  fpacapt.jpg (1072 bytes) taisa

(Brigadier) Brigadier General Commodore Brigadier General Brigadier General fpacmdre.jpg (1072 bytes) junshou


(Major General)
Major General Rear Admiral Major General Major General fparadm.jpg (921 bytes) shoushou
(Vice Admiral) (Lieutenant General) Lieutenant General Vice Admiral Lieutenant General Lieutenant General fpavadm.jpg (1154 bytes) chuujou
Admiral General General Admiral General General fpaadmrl.jpg (1287 bytes) taishou
Fleet Admiral Field Marshal Field Marshal Fleet Admiral n/a General of the Air Corps fpagensui.jpg (1144 bytes) gensui



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