Who's Who in Legend of the Galactic Heroes
Season 1


Friedrich the Fourth

Rank: Emperor
Occupation: The 36th Kaiser of the Goldenbaum Dynasty of the Galactic Empire
Group Affiliation: The Galactic Empire
Base of Operations: Planet Odin
Marital Status: Married (has many concubines)
First Appearance: MOVIE "Overture to a New War"
Known Relatives: Goldenbaum family (all deceased), Amarie (daughter), Ludwig (son, deceased), Elisabeth (granddaughter), Christine (daughter), Wilheim Littenheim (son in law), Otto von Braunschweig (son in law), Sabine (granddaughter), Erwin Joseph II (grandson), Richard (brother, deceased), Clements (brother, deceased), unnamed wife (status unknown)
Hair: Grey
Age: 63
History: Friedrich, the 36th Goldenbaum Kaiser, seemed to have little interest in affairs of state. In ill health from the beginning of the series, he died of a heart attack offscreen near the end of the Free Planets invasion (Episodes #12 through 16). (Spoiler)
Also appears briefly in the OAV Golden Wings and the second movie, Overture to a New War.
Notes: DECEASED (Between Episodes 15 and 16).(Spoiler)

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Who's Who in Legend of the Galactic Heroes Season 1 / Friedrich the Fourth