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Title CD Catalog Number Price
BOX TKCA-30110 Y6000
Season 1 Drama vol. 1 TKCA-70176 Y3000
Season 1 Drama vol. 2 TKCA-70193 Y3000
Season 1 Drama vol. 3 TKCA-70256 Y3000
Season 1 Drama vol. 4 TKCA-70302 Y3000
Season 1 Soundtrack Box (3 CD Set) TKCA-71266 Y5500
Season 2 Soundtrack vol. 2 TKCA-30469 Y3000
Season 2 Soundtrack vol. 4 TKCA-30576 Y3000
Season 2 Soundtrack Box (3 CD Set) TKCA-71267 Y3500
Season 3 OP "Sea of the Stars" CDS KTDR-2103  
Season 3 Soundtrack Box (3 CD Set) TKCA-71021 Y5500
Season 4 ED "?" CDS KTDR-2104  
Season 4 OP "Must be Something" CDS TKDA-71099  
Season 4 Soundtrack Box (3 CD Set) TKCA-71101 Y5500
Gaiden Season 1 OP "Kid" CDS TKDA-71499 Y800
Gaiden Soundtrack Box (3 CD Set) TKCA-71866 Y5000
Gaiden Soundtrack Collection (2 CD Set) TKCA-71428 Y3500
Gaiden Season 2 OP "" / ED "" CDS TKCA-71843 Y1500
Gaiden 2 Soundtrack TKCA-72014 Y3500
Golden Wings Soundtrack TKCA-30705 Y3000
Main Song Collection KTCR-1111 Y3500
My Conquest is the Sea of Stars Drama TKCA-70163 Y3000
Overture to a New War Song Compilation TKCA-70225 Y3000
Overture to a New War Soundtrack Special KTCR-1258 Y3000

Song Lyrics

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Main Series
Season 1 OP ED Season 2 OP ED Season 3 OP ED Season 4 OP ED
Gaiden / Side Stories Series
Season 1 OP ED Season 2 OP ED    
FPA National Anthem

To view the opening and closing credits, and listen to the songs, visit the Other Media page.

Background Classical Music

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